Are bobcats dangerous To Humans, Dogs & Pets?

Bobcat belongs to the Lynx genus and is a medium-sized bobtailed wild cat. There is a huge abundance of these wild cats in the North American region from Canada to Southern Mexico. People occasionally encounter these wild cats. Most of the time, bobcats run away after seeing human beings. However, people are fearful and raise the question are bobcats dangerous? What should they do if they encounter a bobcat?

In this article, we are going to answer this question in detail. We will let you know the level of danger you can experience after encountering a bobcat and also the safety measure you can take while dealing with a wild and dangerous animal like a bobcat. Stay tuned.

Are bobcats dangerous
Are bobcats dangerous?

Are bobcats dangerous?

Yes, bobcats are dangerous wild cats. These cats might seem cute and fluffy by face but these cats are wild and it could be extremely harmful if you approach them without taking any safety precautions. Typically, bobcats are shy and solitary by nature and they don’t like to encounter humans. However, if the bobcat’s habitat is in danger or they feel threatened by any other means then they act very aggressively and ferociously.

How do I know if a bobcat is dangerous?

How do I know if a bobcat is dangerous
Bobcats act aggressively during mating season or if you come near their cubs.

There are some sign which indicates the bobcats could act very dangerously if you will approach them. For instance, if the bobcat is suffering from a disease like rabies and has an encounter with you. In this case, there are many chances of an attack on you by the bobcat because rabies swings their mood and changes their overall behavior.

During mating season, the bobcat also acts very territorially in nature and doesn’t like the indulgence of other human beings. They also emit very different sounds than normal like screeching and screaming.

Moreover, if you see any bobcat cubs in the area and you are also roaming in the same area then there are many chances that adult bobcats would also be there and they could do anything for the protection of their cubs. So, be careful in the presence of bobcat cubs and it is better to leave the place otherwise your presence could provoke the bobcats.

Bobcats also like to maintain and protect their habitat. If you encroach on their territory then they will definitely come back and do things that are not good for you. It could hurt your children, domestic animals, etc. Thus, it is better to be extra conscious if you think there could be any bobcats in the surrounding area.

Do bobcats attack humans?

Typically, bobcats are fearful of human beings. They don’t like to attack or encounter human beings unless these cats are habituated, cornered, or provoked in one way or another. Bobcats are shy creatures and keep themselves away from anything they think could be harmful to their existence. That’s why they also avoid interactions with human beings. On very rare occasions they come forward and attack humans. It usually happens when they are facing rabies infection.

Are bobcats dangerous to humans?

Are bobcats dangerous to humans
Bobcat and human interaction under a controlled environment.

Yes, bobcats could be dangerous for human beings if they attack with full intensity. Bobcats have very strong claws and teeth. Both are at least 1 inch long. Human beings could receive very catastrophic injuries if they come under the attack of bobcats. They might not kill human beings but they could be highly pernicious as they could hurt you very deeply.

In extreme cases, they might leave your several body parts permanently damaged. They also attack suddenly without giving any time for preparation. It is better to make very loud noises, make sudden movements, or flee the area if you see bobcats approaching you. It is recommended that don’t approach bobcats in the wilderness.

Are bobcats dangerous to pets?

Small pets are extremely easy prey for wild animals like bobcats, badgers, etc. you must be highly conscious about pets if you think there are some wild animals in your surrounding area. As far as bobcats are concerned, they make a sudden attack or ambush small pets and kill them in a single strike. They could kill pet animals like cats and dogs in a few seconds by targeting their most sensitive parts.

These wild animals usually come in search of food. If you leave any food outside then these animals could come into your territory and harm your pets. If you are also outside with your pets then you must keep something handy with you to scare away animals like bobcats from your pets.

Are bobcats dangerous to cats?

Yes, bobcats are dangerous for cats same as other pet animals. Bobcats might have a lot of resemblance with domestic cats but they would not let them go unharmed if domestic cats encounter bobcats. Bobcats consider cats their territorial threat and kill them in a single pounce.

Bobcats normally encounter pet animals like cats when their habitats have encroached for various kinds of developments or if they are facing scarcity in their local habitat. Overall, there is no chance of the house cat standing against the bobcat. Bobcats could kill these cats in a few seconds.

Are bobcats dangerous to dogs?

Dangerous bobcat pair injured a dog in colorado
This bobcat pair injured a dog in colorado.

Yes, bobcats are dangerous for any kind of animal including dogs. There is no chance of a dog against a bobcat even if you have very large size dogs like German Shepherds as a pet. Since these pet animals don’t have fighting instincts that’s why they could not stand against wild animals like wild cats. Thus, it is better to keep your pet dogs in a safe place rather than leave them free as easy prey for wild animals like bobcats.

Should you be afraid of bobcats if they live near your home?

No, there is no special need to be fearful or concerned if you find any bobcats near your home. Many wild animals like coyotes, bobcats, badgers, and foxes could also be extremely beneficial for you. For instance, they are extremely helpful in managing the rodents, squirrels, and rats population to maintain a healthy ecosystem.

Otherwise, many small rodents occasionally tease human beings in various ways as they could easily enter or approach human dwellings.

What to do if you see a bobcat?

What to do if you see a bobcat? - infographic
What to do if you see a bobcat? – infographic

Many methods have been adopted by the people for the removal of a bobcat near their homes. They apply various methods for the removal which is highly harmful to their overall population. The removal of a bobcat from any region is not a good idea as if you remove any one animal from one region other animals would take their place.

If you remove bobcats, usually coyotes take their place. There are certain steps that you must take if you see a bobcat near your house.

  • First of all, never approach bobcats if you find them.
  • Don’t turn your back and move backward from the front side slowly and gradually.
  • Don’t try to run away as it could provoke the bobcat.
  • If bobcats come towards you throw water on them as they fear water like other domestic cats.
  • You could also call animal control organizations if you see any bobcats near your house.
  • You must make a lot of noise to alert bobcat animals.

How to keep bobcats away from your property?

bobcat spotted near the public settlement.
Bobcat spotted near the public settlement.

It is quite easy to keep the bobcats away from your property or house. If you find any bobcats near your property, you must raise several types of noises to alert them or as a warning sign to keep them away. You should also avoid putting any extra food outside your home as it attracts bobcats and they gradually they become adapt to this food and come back again and again.

You can also protect your house by setting a fence around your home. You must also fill all the deep digs around your home as bobcats could also utilize them as their permanent settlements. There are certain ways to keep your family, property, and pets safe from the danger of bobcats. Let’s have a look at these steps one by one.

  • Fulfill the vaccination conditions of your pets to keep them safe from the diseases of wild animals.
  • Remove all the piles of wood, brush, and any sources of food which could attract these wild animals toward you.
  • Keep your family away from bushy areas and abandoned properties.
  • Don’t let your pets roam freely in the danger zones.
  • Raise a special fence around your house and maintain it properly after the installment.
  • Never leave your pets unattended for a long period.
  • Remove all the sources of rotten food near your house.
  • Always enclose your pets inside fully secure pens having very well-fitted doors.
  • Bobcats are very good at jumping, so the pens must have very strong mesh wire in the surroundings as well as overhead for extra protection.

Can you keep a bobcat as a pet?

If you want to keep the bobcats as a pet, there are certain requirements and training you need before having any exotic pets or animals. You must make a lot of adaptations to fulfill the needs of your pets. You can only tame or raise the bobcat as a pet if you find them in the early days of its life or if you adopt any baby bobcat.

It is extremely difficult to tame the wild bobcat. The zoo is the only best position to keep these kinds of animals. Bobcats could also destroy several home-related pieces of equipment with their claws. You must also mentally prepare for this aspect of a bobcat. You also need to spend a lot of money on these kinds of adaptations.

It means it is also expensive to maintain the bobcats as a pet. Some very strict laws don’t allow the presence of any feline animals in your homes except house cats. Thus, you must know all the rules and regulations before adopting bobcats as a pet.

How to scare a bobcat?

It might be difficult to scare bobcats away from your property. However, there are some specific measures that you can take to scare away bobcats. These measures are necessary. Otherwise, these wild cats could be highly pernicious for your pets as well as your property.

If you accidentally encounter any bobcat, you must yell or clap very loudly to scare them away from your property. You can also carry something very handy with you for scaring them away. In this regard, you can use an air horn for raising a lot of noise. You can have a throwing objects like baseball for scaring animals like bobcats.

Frequently asked questions

It is highly unlikely that the bobcat would approach or attack human beings without any serious reasons. Being opportunistic predators, they only like to attack small mammals to fulfilling the needs of their diet. However, it is necessary to protect your pets like cats, and dogs from these wild cats as these animals are the most vulnerable creatures in front of bobcats.

There is an abundance of bobcats in the Florida region. They could be dangerous if you encounter them. Once an elderly couple was also attacked by a bobcat in Fort Lauderdale. This couple has suffered minor injuries but it could be extremely fatal if some immediate safety measures were not taken and the couple was admitted to the hospital at a time.

Several things are highly attractive to bobcats. If there is an abundance of wildlife like small pets, domestic birds, and other things like shelter, shade, and water, then bobcats would be highly attracted to your yard. You should be highly conscious of the presence of bobcats in your yard.


Bobcats are extremely dangerous wild cats. These wild could not only be harmful to your pets and other household equipment but they could also injure human beings if you don’t take any precautionary measures against their attacks. There are some control strategies that you must adopt to keep these animals away from your property.

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