Bobcats in Georgia: Exploring Georgia’s Bobcat Population

Bobcat has become an undeniable reality of the North American continent. There is not a state left in the USA where you cannot find an active population of bobcats. It is the most prevalent wild cat on the continent. There was some decline in the population of the bobcat in the 20th century due to excessive hunting and the destruction of the habitat. Now it has recovered in a very healthy manner and continuously thriving. Recently, it has been estimated that there are almost 2 to 3 million bobcats available on the continent.

Same like other states, Georgia also provides a good habitat for the long-term existence and good growth of the bobcats. Georgia has a very healthy, robust, and stable population of bobcats and it is continuously thriving very rapidly in the state. In this article, we will let you know what is the incumbent status of the bobcats in Georgia and are other wild cats also exist in the state or not. Stay tuned there are a lot of things that you need to know.

Bobcats in Georgia
Bobcats in Georgia.

Ecology of Georgia

The ecology of Georgia is quite stable and perfect for the growth of bobcats. There is a total of five different kinds of geographic regions where you can find a variety of plants and animals. Georgia is also very well-known for its wetlands, mountain areas, coastal areas, swamps, beaches, and estuaries. Some people have also reported the sightings of many other wild cats in the state but there is no verified proof available about this.

Are there bobcats in Georgia?

Yes, there are a lot of bobcats in Georgia. In fact, it is the only native wild cat in the state. The habitat of the bobcats is highly conducive to the growth of the bobcat in the state. That’s why you can find these cats in every nook and corner of the state. Mainly, bobcats reside in the highlands of Georgia. These lands have been declared the home of the bobcats in Georgia. Bobcats live almost everywhere except in a few places like Midwest areas. Overall, you can easily find the dens of the cats in hollow logs, caves, rocks, etc.

Bobcat is the only native wild cat in Georgia.

Where do bobcats live in Georgia?

Bobcats could be found anywhere in Georgia due to the quite feasible habitat of the state. There is also a diversity of prey in the state and the bobcats can easily find their prey anywhere in the state. Georgia is also very well-known for its forests, agricultural regions, marches, woodlands, coniferous forests, mountains, and swamps. Sometimes, bobcats are also found in the densely vegetated hillsides and rocky areas of the state.

Sometimes, these cats are also found in their temporary dens in places like hollow trees, rock crevices, and densely vegetated areas. They utilize these dens for their temporary stay before going to hunt at dusk. Overall, male bobcats have larger dens as compared to female bobcats.

Some of the male bobcats have very bigger houses and they could be in 10 square miles areas while the house of the female bobcat could be as small as 1 square mile. Sometimes the home range territory of the bobcat male bobcats also overlaps with female bobcats.

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Hunting and trapping of the bobcat in Georgia

Controlled hunting of bobcats is allowed in Georgia
Controlled hunting of bobcats is allowed in Georgia.

Hunting and trapping of the bobcat are legally allowed in the state due to the large population of the bobcat in the state. However, this activity is only allowed for a limited time. The hunting season in Georgia usually starts on 1st December and ends on 28th February. You must also have a license for this purpose. The beauty of Georgia is that there is no bag limit or restriction about the hunting of bobcats. These cats are mainly hunted and trapped to utilize these cats for the sake of games or for the sake of getting their fur.

The hunters mainly utilize dogs as well as homemade predator calls for attracting bobcats toward them. On average, the trappers in the state can kill 1200-1800 bobcats in a year while the hunters can kill 5 times more bobcats than the trappers. The main commercial reason behind the killing of these cats is to get their pelts and latterly sell them in the market. The price of the fur varies on the basis of fur color, quality, spots, brightness, and size.

Dangers of the bobcat in Georgia

Generally, bobcats don’t like to engage with human beings and stay away from them as much as possible. These cats would only come near your property if these cats are facing a scarcity of food or you have sources of food nearby. They could attack your goats and chickens in your farms or backyards if there is a shortage of food. It is generally recommended don’t let your pets as well as defenseless children out at a time when you think any bobcats could be nearby your home.

Other wild cats in Georgia

Bobcats are the only wild cats of Georgia some mountain lions have weak evidence of presence
Bobcats are the only wild cats in Georgia some mountain lions were also spotted but there is no evidence.

Bobcat is the only wild cat that has a very active population in the state. Mountain lions were also spotted in some places of the state but there is no credible evidence available regarding this. It has also been predicted that most of the mountain lions which are coming from Georgia are actually coming from Florida as Georgia shares its border with Florida from the southern side.

Some people have also reported the presence of panthers in the state but experts believe that it is highly unlikely as panthers don’t even reside in near places and mostly live in the central and southern states of America.

Rules and regulations for hunting bobcats in Georgia

There are certain rules and regulations which you need to follow before going on a hunt. Let’s have a cursory look at these rules.

  • You can legally deploy suppressors for hunting purposes.
  • Electronic callers are not allowed and you can deploy on hand and mouth callers for this purpose.
  • Decoys are also legal to deploy for the hunting and trapping of these cats.
  • You must have a license for hunting activity.

Illegal methods of hunting bobcats

  • Hunting on private property is not allowed.
  • You cannot hunt when have taken drugs.
  • Shooting across public roads is not allowed.
  • Hunting from your vehicle or boat is also not permitted.
  • You cannot utilize drugs, poisons, chemicals, gas, and explosives for hunting purposes.
  • Blinding wildlife with the help of extreme lights is also not permitted.
  • You could use electric communication devices while hunting.


Bobcats being the most famous wild cat in the USA has also some footprints in the Georgia. There is a very stable and healthy population of bobcats in the state. That’s why it is legally allowed to hunt and trap these cats in the state under certain conditions. The population is also thriving very rapidly despite very huge scale hunting of these cats in the state. We have tried our best to cover everything about the bobcats in Georgia. I hope this article helps you a lot.

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