Do bobcats hibernate Or Migrate In The Winter?

Bobcats are medium-sized wild cats of the North American continent. These cats are well known in the USA and could be found throughout every state of the USA. In some of the regions, there is a very stable population of a bobcat. However, these cats have also been enlisted as an endangered species due to the very minute population in some regions. Generally, bobcats exhibit very weird behavior in their lifestyle. For instance, these cats are considered both nocturnal as well as crepuscular. It means that the bobcat remains active during both the day and nighttime.

Bobcats are at the peak of their activity three hours before sunset until midnight. These cats come out again one hour before the sun rises and remain active almost 4 hours after the sun rises. It is a very weird daily routine for bobcats. When it comes to year around, people are also asking a lot of questions. The most prominent question has been do bobcats hibernate? In this article, we are going to explain this question in detail and will let you know do bobcats hibernate or not.

Do bobcats hibernate in the winter

Does bobcat hibernate?

It is very commonly asked that bobcats hibernate or migrate. In simple words, we would say that bobcats neither hibernate nor migrate. It is among one of the very unique cats that don’t hibernate. Bobcats remain active throughout the year. These cats might reduce their activities in harsh weather like extreme winters but don’t permanently sleep or hibernate.  However, bobcats may travel from one point to another but this much doesn’t come under migration. It may be a considerable distance but not good enough that we would say bobcats have been migrated from one area to another.

Why don’t bobcats hibernate?

Why don’t bobcats hibernate?
Bobcats can find their prey in winter also, so, they don’t have to hibernate.

Generally, animals do hibernate if they are facing food scarcity. Some of the most prominent animals in this regard are foxes and bears. These animals are very well known for their hibernation. Bobcats usually rely on species for food which also don’t hibernate in the winter. That’s why bobcats don’t have to face any difficulty in search of their food. Bobcats are also capable of climbing trees. It means that the bobcats can also stay and find some food source on the branches of trees.

These cats might have to struggle a lot for finding their prey in the winter but it is not impossible. Moreover, bobcats might be a carnivore but these cats could also eat fruits, and vegetables in case of emergency. But one thing you need to remember is that bobcats don’t hibernate but reduce their activity as much as possible.

Where do bobcats go in the winter?

Bobcats don’t go anywhere in the winter and just reduce their daily activities as they also need to keep themselves safe from harsh weather. Overall, the bobcats remain active throughout the year. This wild cat neither hibernates nor migrates in any season, especially winter. Bobcats also store some food for harsh weather like winter. However, these cats don’t store food for a very long time or a whole season.


Bobcats are wild cats that are extremely good at adaptability. These cats could easily survive harsh weather like snowy winter. Despite facing a lot of difficulties, these cats don’t hibernate just reduce their activities a little bit.

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