Tasmanian Devil Vs Honey Badger: Battle Of Two Fierce Creatures

We are again going to discuss another faceoff between the animals like the Tasmanian devil and honey badger. These are two small but fearless animals. In this article, we are going to let you know everything about these animals and we are going to compare them based on their features. Before going deeper into their comparison, let me tell you some basic things about these animals.

Tasmanian Devil vs Honey badger
Tasmanian Devil vs Honey badger.

Tasmanian devil

It is a small mammal 3.5 feet in length and weighs anywhere around 26 pounds. Being a fearless animal, it is always ready to chomp down anything they find a good source of food like rotting carcasses. They can easily shatter the bones with the heavy muscles of their jaw bones. It has a stocky and muscular body. They are extremely loud animals and produce very disturbing screeches. They have fully covered black fur bodies and release their very pungent smell. Tasmanian devils are not nocturnal as they remain active throughout the day and do various activities. 

Tasmanian devil in Jungle.
Tasmanian devil – Example.

Honey badger

Honey badges is a very famous mammal and very well known for its ferocious and notorious activities. The fearlessness of the honey badgers also urges them to challenge even very big animals like lions, pythons, etc. Honey badgers have extremely thick bodies and flexible muscles which could easily withstand the very heavy bite force of animals and stings of thousands of bees and venomous snakes. They also show immunity against bullets. Honey badgers are also not very big animals. They are also 3.5 feet long and weigh anywhere around 28 pounds.

Honey Badger roaming in the desert.
Honey Badger roaming in the desert.

Key differences between the Tasmanian devil and Honey badger

There are many differences between these animals but the key differences between them come in terms of their bite force, speed, and attacking method. Let’s discuss these key differences in detail.

Size: Tasmanian devil vs honey badger

There is no big difference between these animals when it comes to their size. They are almost the same size animals. Honey badger is a little bit heavier than Tasmania devil. Both of these animals have the same length of 3.5 feet. The weight of the Tasmanian devil is 26 pounds while the weight of the honey badger is 28 pounds.

Speed: Honey badger vs Tasmanian devil

There is a huge difference when it comes to speed between these animals. Tasmanian devils are not very fast animals. They just show a speed of 8.1 mph but they could act very wildly whenever they encounter each other.

On the other hand, honey badgers show extremely good speed. They could run at the speed of 19 mph which is an extremely good speed. They could easily run behind any very fast-running animal. That’s why they also don’t fear giving challenges to deadly animals like lions, tigers, etc.

Senses: Tasmanian devils vs honey badgers

Tasmanian devils are quite good in terms of senses. They like to feed on dead animals. In this regard, they can smell dead animals even several miles away from them. Sometimes, they also fight with each other while getting the dead body they all have found at the same time. They can easily tear apart any dead animal with their gaping jaws. They eat everything of the dead animals until the splinters of bone are left.

On the other hand, honey badgers also have good senses, especially their smelling and hearing sense. They are weak in their eyesight. Overall, we can say that the Tasmanian devil has an upper hand in terms of senses.

Bite force: Honey badgers vs Tasmanian devils

Tasmanian devils are very powerful when it comes to bite force. They have a very strong bite force of 553 newtons. This bite force is enough to shatter the bones of any deadly animal. Moreover, there are also very heavy muscles around their jaw bones which provide them extraordinary force while attacking any opponent.

On the other hand, honey badgers also have good jaw strength and the bite force of the honey badger is almost 210 newton. It is good bite force which is enough to damage any dangerous animal but it is almost half the size of the bite force of the Tasmanian devil. Thus, the Tasmanian devil also has an upper hand as compared to the honey badger when it comes to bite force.

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Tasmanian devil vs honey badger: who would be the ultimate winner?

In simple words, I would say the honey badger would be the ultimate winner in this fight. There are many aspects in which the honey badger has an edge over the Tasmanian devil. Honey badgers have superior claws and immense durability advantages. The loose and flexible skin of the honey badger is bulletproof.

That’s why they can easily outlast the Tasmanian devil and kill them in the end. Honey badgers are also capable of challenging very big and dangerous animals like lions, hyenas, tigers, etc. The Tasmanian devil could not challenge these animals or fear from these animals. We can say honey badgers are more fearless and crazy than the Tasmanian devil.

On the other hand, the Tasmanian devil is also very fierce and powerful. They have some edge over honey badgers like they have much better jaw strength and they exhibit very powerful bite force while competing with other animals. By having just powerful bite force or jaw strength, they could not overpower honey badgers which are much more dangerous and deadly.

YouTube video
Watch: Tasmanian Devil vs Honey badger ultimate battle

Frequently asked questions

Honey badgers have small sizes but a very aggressive nature. They have very ferocious defensive capabilities. According to the Guinness book of world records, the honey badger has been declared the most fearless animal in the world. They can easily challenge even very large predators like lions, hyenas, tigers, etc.

Tasmanian devils are the biggest carnivorous marsupials but they are not as large as wolverines. The Tasmanian devil also has much less weight than the wolverine. It weighs anywhere between 10 to 30 pounds while wolverines are much heavier and weigh anywhere around 20 to 40 pounds. Wolverines are much larger in size as compared to honey badgers. They are 25 to 35 inches long excluding their 7 to 10 inches tails.

The Tasmanian devil has a very strong bite force. They can open their jaws up to 80 degrees and can generate enough power to tear apart animals and crush their bones. It has been estimated that the Tasmanian devil has the strongest bite force among any living carnivore mammal. They can exert the force of 553 Newton. They can eat an entire animal by single-handedly attacking them.


Honey badgers and Tasmanian devils are very ferocious and aggressive animals. They are known for their vicious activities. However, If the fight happens between these animals, then honey badgers would have an upper edge over the Tasmanian devil as they are much more deadly and determined to kill their opponents. They have also been known for attacking several large animals like lions, tigers, pythons, hyenas, etc. The Tasmanian devil also has very strong bite force but they could not produce any dent on the very thick and flexible body of honey badgers. Resultantly, they have to run away from the competition and eventually got killed in the fight.

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