What Are Coyotes Afraid Of? How to Scare Them Away?

Coyotes are considered the most cunning and intelligent members of the canine family living in the North American continent. The population of these animals is multiplying very rapidly. Nowadays, they are also making their establishment near semi-urban and fully urban areas. In some areas, these wild animals were also seen attacking human beings.

It means coyotes are no more fearful of human beings. That’s why it is very important to deter these animals from your pets, property, and defenseless children. In this article, we are going to explain in detail what are coyotes afraid of and how to scare off coyotes away from your place of residence or other areas.

What Are Coyotes Afraid Of how to keep them away

What are coyotes afraid of?

Generally, coyotes are no more afraid of many things which you can utilize to keep them away. The most prominent ways to keep them away from your property is by throwing objects in their way, making very loud sounds and other kinds of noises, flashing very bright light, and spraying the urine of coyote predators. All of these simple things are extremely helpful in deterring the coyotes away from your property.

How to scare off coyotes?

You can scare off the coyote by using many techniques like vehicles light, loud noises, and certain scents. The best technique for this purpose has been very loud yelling at these animals. Despite utilizing all these tactics, coyotes are still coming toward the territories of human beings in urban areas.

What are the signs which indicate the coyote is in your yard?

Signs which indicate the coyote was in your yard
Signs which indicate the coyote was in your yard

It is difficult for laymen to identify the presence of coyotes near their area. Some signs are very good indicators of the coyote’s presence. Some of these signs are given as:

  • The track of the coyotes could be a good indicator. The track of the coyote is almost the same as the track of large dogs and it is almost 2 inches in length. But it must be aligned in a single line which is not in the case of large dogs.
  • The droppings of the coyote are larger than dogs but come in a very compact form and are also very dark in color. You may also notice the presence of bones and hairs of the prey in these droppings.
  • If you see the presence of small dead birds or animals in the surroundings then you must be alert that coyote is in the surroundings.
  • You may also see small pieces of animal fur.
  • If you hear some strange howling and yipping noises at night.

What are the things which coyotes hate the most?

Coyotes hate many things but the most important things which they don’t like to engage with are given:

  • Loud noises.
  • Bright light.
  • White vinegar.
  • Perfumes.
  • Ammonia.
  • Large dogs.
  • Domestic animals.
  • Wolf urine.
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What are the noises which coyotes are afraid of?

Noises which coyotes are afraid of

Coyotes will not come near if you make some loud noises. This could be any noise. You can generate these noises from your own mouth or with the help of some external equipment like speakers. A very loud dog barking also works very well in this regard. If you have large dogs which are in the fenced-in area and making very loud barks at them then it is enough to scare away the coyote from your property. Some of the most common coyote scaring noises are given as:

  • Yelling.
  • Barking.
  • Clapping.
  • Whistling.

These are very silly noises and that’s why it is extremely difficult to keep doing these sounds for a long time.

How to scare away a coyote?

How to scare away a coyote

As we already mentioned the most suitable ways to keep the coyotes away from your property. These might be the simplest ways but could be fantastic deterrents if you apply them properly. However, if you think you cannot handle these animals easily by applying these techniques, then you must contact the wildlife control center in your area for dealing with these dangerous wild animals. Let’s discuss these simple applicable ways one by one.

Natural fear of human beings

It is a very cliché question that are coyotes scared of humans? Naturally, it is believed that the coyotes are fearful of human beings. Nowadays, people have also become more comfortable with the company of coyotes which is not a good sign as these wild animals could become aggressive anytime.

Moreover, people could also utilize this fear in their own favor by keeping some distance from coyotes and not becoming too much comfortable with these wild animals. Human beings must maintain this healthy dose of fear to live peacefully in the vicinity of coyotes. Indeed, Coyotes are fearful of human beings but you can combine this fear with yelling, running, and waving to make the fear more impactful. 

Using sticks or rocks

You can also keep the coyote at bay by using some objects like sticks, rods, or some round-shaped things like tennis balls or rocks in the way of a coyote. In this way, you can keep them at bay and they will also be not hurtful. You just need to threaten them a little bit rather than make them too comfortable with you. In this practice, you also need to keep in mind that they don’t get aggressive by this behavior of you.

If you see a coyote in your way, first of all, ignore but if you are fearful that they might be dangerous for you then you might throw something in their direction to intimate them that they should run away from here. If the coyote is too close to you then you must immediately use the stick or rocks on them as they could harm you if you don’t take any action.

Make noises or sounds

Coyotes also hate too much noise or sound. You can make these noises by using some utensils like pans, and pots or you can also utilize air horns to keep them at bay. Air horns have proved highly beneficial in keeping the coyote at bay.

Spray the urine of coyote’s predators

Let’s answer another cliché question what smells keep coyotes away? Some animals also don’t like to come into the area if they sense the availability of their predator’s urine in any area. The same is the case with coyotes. It was investigated by the national center for Biotechnology information that wolf pee repels the animals which are the prey of wolves. It means that the wolf pee could be extremely beneficial for keeping the coyotes at bay. But you have to collect the urine of the wolves first for this purpose.

Nowadays, a bottled-up 100% genuine artificial wolf pee spray is also available in the market. It is widely used by hunters, gardeners, farmers, landscapers, ranchers, etc. Some other animals like bobcats also avoid visiting the areas where they assume the presence of wolf pee. You must apply this wolf pee at the border of your property.

Bright light

It is a very cliché question often raised; are coyotes scared of light? The bright light has also been extremely helpful in keeping these animals at bay. Nowadays, solar predator control lights are available which are playing a very vital role in keeping these animals at bay. These lights work on the motion sensor technology as these coyote deterrent lights turn on whenever animals dare to cross your territory.

You can also keep other wild animals like raccoons, skunks, and deer away from your property. This coyote-repellent light prevents these animals from sneaking into your property by stimulating these eyes with the help of very much bright light.

What are the main attractions for the coyotes?

Certain things attract the coyote toward your property. Some of the most common attractions for coyotes are given:

  • Pet food.
  • Garbage.
  • Pets.
  • Scrap.
  • Decomposed food.

Food is actually the main thing that has proved highly attractive for the coyotes. It could be any escape or decomposed food. If there is a coyote near your area, then you must never put your garbage outside your house.

Precautions to keep coyotes away from your property

Precautions to keep coyotes away from your property- infographics
Precautions to keep coyotes away from your property – Infographics

Now, we know what are coyotes afraid of. It is time to tell you about some precautions which you need to keep away from your property for once. Let’s have a look at some of the tips which you might adopt.

Never keep pet food outside

Most of the time coyotes come in search of food near your premises. Mainly, they like to come after pet food. You must always keep the pet food inside your house premises. It might be in the mudroom, garage, or any kind of shed.

Don’t keep trash out

Wild animals are always attracted to garbage or trash. They would like to come near your house and thoroughly search in your dustbin. They usually come at night for this purpose. You must never put the trash out if you want to keep your property safe from the entrance of coyotes. Other animals like rodents, squirrels, and raccoons will also never come near your house.

Don’t feed

Feeding the wild animal like coyotes is extremely dangerous as well as unlawful. In this way, they might be too attached to your spoon-feeding and forget about their natural ability to collect food in the wilderness. It doesn’t matter how much these animals are cute but you must never feed them.

Utilize deterrents

If you want to keep the coyotes away from your property then apply deterrents like predators urine spray in your area to keep them away from your property.

Don’t be afraid

Never show your weakness in front of wild animals like coyotes. If you are weak then they will attack you very aggressively. Don’t react but act immediately if you think the coyote is going to attack you.

Coyote deterrent spray

There are several kinds of deterrent sprays available in the market which are highly helpful in keeping coyotes at a distance and answering the question that how to ward off coyotes. Some special kinds of deterrent sprays are being utilized which are mainly made with the proper mixing of castor oil and soap. You must also add one gallon of water to this solution. In this regard, a special Lora recipe has also been made which is made with a mixture of tabasco sauce with distilled vinegar.

How to scare off coyotes at night?

Coyotes are nocturnal animals and mostly remain active at night. The best way to keep them away at night is by using very bright light near your property. The eyes of the coyotes are very sensitive and they could not bear the bright light for a very long time. Some people have even applied motion lights which have proved more effective than simple lights.

If you are alone in your house and you sense the presence of coyotes near you, then you must simply turn on the flashlight of your mobile phone and start making yelling noises and if possible also play music at the very loud noise.

How to keep coyotes away from cats?

The coyotes will likely prey on small animals like cats if these animals are roaming freely outside. The best way to keep them safe is to bring them inside the house and also feed them inside and never leave any traces of food outside the house. To keep coyotes away from pets like cats, you must keep your pets inside, secure the fences surrounding your house, and leave the bright lights on.

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What animals are coyotes afraid of?

There are certain predators of the coyotes like wolfs. Other than this, coyotes are also afraid of guardian animals. Some of these guardian animals are donkeys, dogs, and horses. These guardian animals are usually kept for the safety of the livestock from animals like coyotes. These guardian animals keep livestock safe by running after coyotes and other dangerous animals.

Coyote hazing

Coyote hazing to keep coyotes away.
Coyote hazing to keep coyotes out of your area.

Hazing is the method of using deterrents to keep wild animals out of any specific area. It is highly helpful in keeping the coyote away from yards. There are different methods of hazing. Let’s have a look at some of the most prominent and easily applicable methods of hazing.

  • Extreme yelling and waving of arms while approaching the coyote.
  • Use noisemakers like air horns, bells, whistles, shaker cans full of marbles or pennies, or banging together pie pans.
  • Apply objects like sticks, rocks, rubber balls, cans, and tennis balls.
  • Apply water guns having vinegar water, pepper spray, and spray bottles having vinegar water.
  • Bear repellent has also been highly useful in this regard.

Frequently asked questions

Generally, Coyotes are not afraid of fire and you can only burn the fire for keeping the coyotes away. When you burn something, it also brings light and heat which could also be a good factor for keeping the coyote away. People also yell very loudly in the fire and it is a good thing for keeping the coyotes away.

Generally, coyotes are fearful of the presence of many things, especially human beings. In the case of dogs, they react according to the situation. Dogs could be the threat or potential prey at the same time for the coyotes. It mainly depends upon the size of the dogs with which the coyote has to deal with.

There are many coyote repellents available in the market. Some of the most prominent repellents have been bright lights and sound-producing devices. Fencing has also been the most easily applicable way of keeping coyotes at bay. Spray repellents like pepper spray have mixed results and we have been able to get only moderate level success in keeping coyotes at bay by using these sprays.


Many people are raising this question for many years what are coyotes afraid of? Coyotes have been proven very damaging for many daily based things and the population of these animals is also multiplying very rapidly despite their killing at a very large scale. Now, they have reached the urban areas and tease people daily. In this article, we have explained in detail all the aspects of this question what are the coyotes afraid of to keep the coyotes away. I hope that this article will clear all your questions.

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