What Does Coyote Poop Look Like? | Coyote Scat Identification

The coyote is one of the most well-known and dangerous canine species we can find in the North American continent. Now, they have gone very near to urban areas due to the destruction of their own local habitat. It has become necessary to keep them away from your property as they could be dangerous for your property as well as pets. In this regard, coyote scat is the best way to identify them in any particular area. It means that you must keep an eye on coyote feces in any particular area if you want to identify their presence in any vicinity. In this article, we are going to explain in detail coyote poop or droppings and let you learn what does coyote poop look like?

What does coyote poop look like
Coyote poop.

What does coyote poop look like?

Coyote poop is the feces deposited by wildlife in any area. It has a rope-like structure and it is usually full of hairs and bones. Coyote like to send a message with the help of their scat. That’s why they like to deposit it only near the borders or in the middle of the trail where anyone can notice. You can extract a lot of information with the help of the scat like the genetics, the health of an animal, and the diet any particular animal is taken.

What is the general diet of the coyote?

Being omnivorous, they can rely on both animals and plants for their feed. Primarily, the diet of the coyote includes mammals like rats, mice, squirrels, rabbits, holes, insects, and voles. Moreover, they also eat fruits and vegetables like corn, berries, and melons. They could also target some larger prey like deer, fawns, and livestock but it mainly depends upon the region where they are living. In urban areas, they mainly like to eat rodents as these things are easily available.

Coyote scat identification

Coyotes scat in the grass, showing fur and berries
Coyotes scat in the grass, showing fur and berries.

Certain factors let you decide that any particular poop belongs to a coyote. Coyote droppings actually come in many pieces which you can assemble and make a knotted rope. They have a tubular shape. Size wise coyote poop is ¾ to 1-1/2 inches wide and almost 3 to 5 inches long. The size of the coyote scat also depends upon the overall size of the coyote as well as the gender.

Male coyote usually releases large size poop as compared to female coyote. The long and curly tapper ends of the coyote poop also distinguish it from the scat of other animals. You may also witness some hairs and bones of animals like rodents, rabbits, and shrews in the scat of the coyote. Coyotes also eat fruits like grass, nuts, berries, and peanuts to get rid of intestinal worms. You can also notice the smell of these fruits in their scat.

Is coyote scat dangerous?

If there is a coyote scat in your vicinity, then it could be dangerous for many things like your pet in the house, children, and general property. Coyote scat is also quite contagious as it could easily prevail very quickly in the environment. It usually carries germs, bacteria, and other harmful germs which could be extremely dangerous for human beings as well as other wild animals. Most of the coyotes are also suffering from diseases like mange or rabies which could be extremely pernicious for the environment and other animals.

Coyote feces may also contain parasites and pathogens which are extremely harmful. Coyote scat may also include tapeworms eggs which can spread illness to small pets if they consume these things. Coyote poop may also include heat worm which is extremely deadly for small pets. Some other diseases like distemper and parvo could also be noticed in the coyote droppings.

Comparison between the poop of coyotes and other wild animals

Let’s compare the poop of different animals with coyote poop to clear our confusion about its identification.

Mountain Lion Scat Vs Coyote

dried coyote poop or droppings
Dried coyote poop or droppings.

Let’s compare cougar poop vs coyote poop in detail. We have explained above in detail the poop of the coyote. If we will look at the mountain lion poop then the most noticeable thing is the pungent smell which you will miss in the poop of the coyote. The poop of the mountain lion also contains some elements of grass same like coyote poop. The color of the lion poop varies between black, brown, and gray. You may also notice some scrape marks in the surrounding areas of the scat. Mountain lions, like domestic cats, always like to keep their litter in a box or hide it in the debris.

Coyote poop vs rabbit poop

Rabbit poop is like small pellets which are not randomly in shape but quite uniform and simple in size and shape. Coyote poop actually comes in random shape and it is usually triangular in shape.

Coyote poop vs skunk poop

Skunk gives out almost the same poop as you can get from a cat. It comes in a tubular shape with blunt ends. You may also find the elements of berries and undigested insects in it. It shows some resemblance to the poop of a coyote.

Coyote poop vs raccoon poop

As you already know that coyote poop has tapering ends when it is solidified. The tapered tips are like the top point of any rock. On the other hand, raccoon poop has blunt tips and it is like the tip on a coniferous tree.

Coyote poop vs fox poop

Coyote poop has the size of almost 4 inches in length and ¾ inches in its diameter. You may find hairs, berries, bones, and fruits in its scat. The color of the coyote poop wholly depends upon the diet they are taking. On the other hand, fox poop is not very big in size. It is just 2 inches long and 0.5 inches in diameter having pointed ends.

Coyote poop vs dog poop

Coyote poop vs dog poop
Dog poop on the sidewalk.

Coyote poop has a rope-like structure filled with hairs and bones. It usually comes in a very hard form. On the other hand, dog poop comes in a very soft form and it is not even solidified with time. However, it may changes color with time.

How to get rid of coyote poop

Coyote scat is risky for both human beings as well as other wild animals. It is necessary to follow all the safety precautions while dealing with the coyote poop. It is severely restricted to deal with the poop by using your bare hands as it is extremely contagious. Never bring it near your face or try to sniff it. It is recommended to use shovels, gloves, and bags for the removal of the poop from any place.

How to get rid of droppings of coyotes
Coyote scat can be a source of diseases, you need to be careful.

You can also follow the step-by-step guide for dealing with it efficiently.

  • First, put on gloves on your hands.
  • Use a mask on your mouth or nose.
  • You may also wear rubber boots as an extra precautionary measure.
  • First of all, remove all the excrement and burn it to get rid of tapeworms.
  • Shower hot water in the area. You may shower with disinfectants.
  • After that, remove your gloves from your hands and clean your hands with the help of hot but soapy water.
  • You must also wash the clothes you have worn while doing this.


Coyotes are extremely dangerous animals and they could attack your property, pet animals, or children. Some risks have also been interlinked with the coyote poop or coyote scat. We have explained in detail what does coyote poop look like? We have also compared it with the poop of other animals like foxes, cougars, raccoons, and dogs to put a clear picture of coyote scat in your mind. By reading this article thoroughly, you will know what does coyote scat look like?

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