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Badgers have a very unique tail. It might look small but there are many features attached to it. There are different kinds of badger species and each one has its own style tail. If you want to know in detail about the badger tails, then this article is definitely for you. In this article, you will get to know everything about the badger tail like its color, size, length, pattern, etc.

do badgers have badger tails and how do they look
Badger’s Tails – Example

Do badgers have tails?

Yes, all the species of badgers have tails. Badgers have brown-covered fur with short legs and furry tails. Mostly these are short and fluffy tails. You may also find some fur on their tails but it all depends upon their region and subspecies.

Different kinds of badger tails?

There are some differences in the tails of various kinds of badgers like honey badgers, American badgers, and European badgers. Let’s discuss the tails of these badgers.

Honey badger’s tail

Honey badgers have a dark color tail and it has almost the same color as the lower part of the badger. The average size of the tail of the honey badger is 9 inches. Some of the honey badgers also might have tails up to 12 inches.

honey badger tail - example
Honey badger tail – example

American badger’s tail

American badgers have the shortest tail among all the badger species. On average, they have a very short and furry tail of just about 5 inches.

American badger’s tail - Example
American badger’s tail – Example

European badger’s tail

European badgers also do have not much longer tail but it is longer than American badgers. Most of them have a tail of length up to 20 cm. These badgers have almost double-size tails as compared to American badgers. However, European badgers have still shorter tails than honey badgers.

How does European badger’s tail look
European badger’s tail – Example

Do badgers have bushy tails?

Yes, badgers definitely have bushy tails. It might not be as bushy as the tails of foxes, skunks, etc. The bushy tail plays a great role in keeping it warm during winter in its den. The short bushy tail makes it extremely difficult for making a balance. By having a bushy short tail, badgers seem like waddle rather than run.

What is the size of the badger’s tail?

The size of the tail also varies from one type of badger to another type of badger. Normally, honey badgers have longer tails as compared to other badgers. The tail of a honey badger may be anywhere between 6 to 12 inches. Male badgers also have a little bit longer tails than female badgers.

Do American badgers have tails?

Yes, American badgers have tails but it is the shortest tail among all types of badgers. They might have the shortest tail of just 4 inches but normally it lies between 6 to 8 inches.

What is the color of the badger’s tail?

The color of the badger’s tail is either black or grey. Some of the badgers also have a lighter color tails but it is very rare as most of the badgers have dark-colored tails. The color of the badger’s tail closely matched the color of the lower part of its body. The tail of the badger is good for its identification purpose in the wilderness.

Sensitivity of badger’s tail

Badgers are very conscious about their tails. Not only badgers but also other wild animals are also very sensitive about their tails. If you touch or attack their tails, then they would not let you go anywhere. Most wild animals use their tail for balancing purposes. They navigate with the help of their tails.

YouTube video
Badgers have sensitive tails – A dog chased by a badger, because it took bite on tail by the dog.

Frequently asked questions

Tail is greatly helpful for the climbing purpose. It let the wild animal maintain its balance while climbing. Badgers are known to be grounded animals who don’t like to climb. One of the reasons behind this abstaining from climbing is their short tails. They like to do all the activities on the ground. Badgers have very short tails compared to other wild animals of their size.

As we have also explained above the honey badgers have the longest tail as compared to other badgers like American and European badgers.

There might be a variety of colors for the badger’s tail. It might be grey, dark brown, or dark black. However, in most cases, you will find it dark black in color. The tail is usually attached to the lower part of their body and the lower part of the badger’s body is usually found to be black in color.

It is difficult to highlight the badger’s tail as the tail has the same color as its body. You will find it extremely difficult to see the badger’s tail in the nighttime because they mostly go for a hunt or roam in the night.


Badgers are normally known for many things and the tail is also one of these things. Badgers have a very unique tail that exhibits many extraordinary features. We have explained in detail everything that you need to know about the badger tails. After reading this article, you will be very much satisfied about the badger’s tail.

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