Can badgers climb trees? (Exploring Climbing Abilities of Badger)

Badgers are short animals having muscular limbs along with strong claws on their feet which makes them extremely good for digging. Due to their extraordinary digging capability, they spend most of their time underground. But, can badgers climb trees? Yes, They can fairly climb on tree trunks as well as are extremely good at swimming. Badgers have been seen many times while trespassing yards and climbing fences.

The long claws of the badgers provide them a good grip while climbing trees. These claws act the same as the finger in human hands. Honey badgers utilize their nails for this purpose. Honey badgers are quite good at climbing as they climb most of the time in search of food to get access to bees’ nests and honey.

Can badgers climb trees
A badger climbing tree.

Do badgers climb trees?

Many people think that badgers could not climb trees. But it is not true as badgers can climb trees. They have short but very muscular limbs. They also have non-retractable and sharp claws. These things are highly helpful in climbing activities. Now, it is a very well-established truth that badgers can climb trees but how high they can climb is still an unanswered question that needs to be discussed in detail.

Can North American badgers climb trees?

Yes, North American badgers are good at climbing trees. Sometimes, they have to rely on food that they can only find on trees. They also have great enthusiasm for honey larvae which forces them to climb trees as there is no other way to get these kinds of things without climbing.

Are badgers good at climbing?

No, badgers are not expert climbers. They only climb where it is direly needed to climb. But they persistently keep practicing these things to improve their climbing ability. Sometimes, they even try to climb on unclimbable things. However, honey badgers and American badgers are a little bit expert when it comes to climbing as compared to other badgers.

YouTube video
Watch A honey badger climbing tree.

Can badgers climb fences?

Yes, badgers can climb fences as fences do have not much higher heights. Sometimes, they even damage or destroy the fences while climbing after all they are very strong animals. Sometimes, they also go under the fences as they can easily make a place by digging under the fences. They could also destroy the yard while crossing the fences.

Badgers are actually good at crossing the 3 to 4 feet tall fences and usually avoid 6 feet tall fences. It is difficult for animals like badgers who have very short and stubby legs. Some badgers have also been rescued while crossing the fences 6 feet high.

Can badgers climb walls?

Yes, badgers are capable of climbing walls. In this case, the wall needs to be smooth and built in a certain way. It might be possible the badgers would dig in the walls to make places where they can easily stand while crossing the walls. They can also entrench their claws inside the walls and might damage the wall altogether.

Can badgers jump?

No, badgers cannot jump as they have a very flattened and stubby body which prevents them from making some quick moves like jumping. They can climb because it is a gradual phenomenon rather than a sudden act.

How you can stop badgers from coming into your garden?

There are two possible ways to stop them from coming into your garden. You can utilize a wired mesh fence on your garden or motion sensor lights in the surrounding of your garden. Natural scents and chili peppers are also good options to keep the badgers away from your garden.


Indeed, badgers have very short, flattened bodies and stubby legs. But it doesn’t mean that they can not climb trees. They climb where there is no other way to achieve the goals they have set. Sometimes, they have to climb trees and fences which are as high as 3 to 4 feet. If these fences go above 4 feet then it could be extremely difficult to cross this much height. In this case, they prefer to cross the fences by digging rather than jumping over them.

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