Can Badgers Swim: Exploring The Aquatic Side Of Badgers

Badgers do a lot of activities like digging, climbing, running, releasing musk, etc. Swimming is also an activity which they can do but they don’t like to do it or you can say they avoid it. They mainly like to utilize bridges, and fallen trees while crossing streams and rivers. However, it was also reported that the badgers were swimming across the canal for reaching some foraging ground in very far away areas. Thus, we can say badgers can swim but depends upon their needs and surrounding circumstances.

It is normal for the badgers to stay in the garden pond. They also get a bath with this activity. But swimming in the canals and rivers could be problematic as if they could not come out from the smooth sides of the rivers then it might be possible that the poor badgers get drowned in the river or canal.

A badger swimming in a lake in forest
A badger swimming in a lake in the forest.

Do badgers like to swim?

No, badgers don’t like to swim. They also run only when it is direly needed to do this activity. Overall, they prefer to walk. They also don’t like to climb very much as they do it only if there is no other way to get rid of any problem or if they don’t have anything to eat.

Are American badgers afraid of water?

No, American badgers are not afraid of water. They like to live near watery and moist areas. They live near these areas for staple food, worms, and small animals. American badgers also like to dive into the water when they are going to lose the fight against the predators. Thus, American badgers are not afraid of water but they avoid water bodies.

Do badgers bathe?

Badgers beat the heat with a refreshing bath.
Badgers beat the heat with a refreshing bath.

Yes, badgers take baths for several reasons. First of all, they take bath to get rid of dirty things they get from the wilderness. Moreover, they also chill in the water because they have to face very harsh, humid, and dry weather most of the time. Thus, a bath is the best way to relax. They don’t get proper water in the dry desert areas, that’s why they enjoy water baths to get themselves cool off from the intense dry heat.

Can honey badgers swim?

Yes, honey badgers can swim and they do it very well. They are quite agile in the water due to their rounded body. Sometimes, they also swim after their prey. Honey badgers are good swimmers but they don’t do it regularly and they only swim when it is highly needed. They also avoid swimming most of the time and like to utilize bridges and fallen trees across the water bodies for passing through any water body.

What are the dangers badgers could face while swimming?

Indeed, badgers can swim but they also need to be extra careful while swimming. If badgers are going swimming, they must also make sure there are no harmful animals present in the water body. Sometimes, animals like crocodiles and hippos are present in the water bodies and these animals also remain invisible most of the time and make sudden attacks. Thus, they must be extra careful while swimming.


Badgers do a lot of activities and swimming is also one of these activities. But they don’t do this activity willingly and most of the time only engage in swimming once they know there is no other way than swimming to do any particular activity. Swimming could also be fatal for badgers if they could not withstand the pressure of the water body or if there are any dangerous animals already present in the water bodies waiting for them.

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