Coyotes in New York: Exploring Coyotes Expansion In NY States

New York is a city where millions of residents live across a very dense landscape. The city is very well-known for its independent lifestyle. That’s why it is also a highly suitable place for the coyotes to live here. On this side of the USA, eastern coyote species are found. These coyotes are highly curious and adaptable by nature and can easily explore about 10 miles in a single day in search of a diet and safe place. In New York City, the eastern coyotes mainly rely on trash and pet food.

Coyotes in NY have become very common sightings throughout the state, especially in the urban areas. Eastern coyotes are mainly active in the Bronx region. Despite having a very large population of coyotes in NY, there are still very few occurrences of coyotes biting human beings. That’s why it is recommended that you must not be alarmed or panicked if you come across a New York coyote. In this article, we are going to explain New York coyotes in detail to let you know the lifestyle of the coyote in NY.

Coyotes in New York

Historical background of coyotes in New York

The presence of coyotes occurs across a very wide range of territory. You can witness these wild dogs all the way from Alaska in the North to Costa Rica in the South. Historically, the coyotes don’t have any traces in New York state. They actually lie in the Great Plains and in the Southwest. Gradually, they extended their range and reach New York State where they were given the name of Eastern coyote. In New York, they mainly exist in the urban forests, suburban areas, and parklands. First of all, they moved into the Bronx region before being extended to other areas.

Historical background of coyotes in New York
Although coyotes were present already, however, the first coyote was spotted in 1994 in NY.

According to a Historical Journal of New York City, first of all, coyotes were spotted while wandering around in the early 1994s era but there was no proof of an active breeding group until we reach 2016. According to an ecologist named Carol Henger, there are 20-30 coyotes who are actively present in the suburb of New York City. All of these coyotes could be interlinked with the coyote that first arrived in New York City in the Bronx region. These are actually multi-generational New Yorkers.

Important note

Indeed, coyotes have been present in the state of New York since the 1930s but they could not establish their firm presence in the state until the 1980s. The population of coyotes is mainly concentrated in the areas like Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan. However, it has been observed that the coyotes don’t form packs in a state like New York but they can live in family-type units where they can make a group of at least 6 members.

Are there coyotes in New York?

Yes, coyotes exist in New York. They have been highly successful in expanding their range across North America and they can now be found in various habitats, including urban areas. In New York State, coyotes are available in both the rural and urban areas, and you can easily witness them within the limits of New York City. Being highly adaptable wild animals, they can easily thrive in diverse environments like parks, green spaces, and even densely populated urban areas. In New York, they primarily feed on small mammals, such as rabbits and rodents, but they are also known to scavenge for food in urban settings.

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Coyotes in Upstate NY

A Coyote in lookin at camera in Upstate NY
Coyote in Upstate NY.

Indeed, Coyotes are present in upstate New York State. They have actually established their populations in various counties of the state.  The habitat of Upstate New York is also a mix of rural and suburban landscapes that offer suitable habitats for coyotes. Coyotes can thrive in a range of environments, including forests, fields, and even in urban areas. In upstate New York, they primarily feed on small mammals like rabbits and rodents, but they are also known to occasionally prey on deer or other larger animals.

It is common to hear coyotes howling at night in some areas of upstate New York, as they are known for their vocalizations. However, conflicts between coyotes and human beings are relatively rare, and coyotes generally don’t like to contact people. But the residents need to be aware of their presence and take appropriate precautions, such as securing garbage and keeping small pets indoors or supervised when outside, to minimize potential conflicts.

Coyotes in Central Park

Coyote in Central Park
Coyotes in Central Park.

It is not common to find coyotes in Central Park. However, some occasional sightings of coyotes in the park over the years have been observed. Coyotes can travel through diverse landscapes, including urban areas, in search of food. However, the presence of coyotes in Central Park is relatively rare. The park has a very dense human population and lack of natural habitat which make it highly less favorable for long-term stay in the area. In the event of a coyote sighting in the areas like central park, it is advisable to give the animal space and report the sighting to the local authorities to take some appropriate measures in this regard rather than engaging yourself with the coyotes.

Coyotes in Long Island

Coyotes in Long Island
Coyote spotted in Long Island.

Yes, coyotes are very common to find on Long Island, New York. Over the past few decades, they have actually expanded their territorial range and colonized various parts of the island. You can locate them in both Nassau and Suffolk counties, including urban and rural areas. Coyote sightings and encounters have become very common on Long Island, and the residents need to be aware of their presence and take extra precautions to minimize interactions with the coyote. The residents must never secure garbage, never leave pet food outside, and always keep small pets supervised or indoors, especially during nighttime hours when coyotes are most active.

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Hunting coyotes in NY

It is legal to Hunt coyotes in New York but regulated by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. There are certain regulations and seasons are in place for their hunting and trapping. In New York, Hunting of the coyote is allowed year-round, without any bag limits or specific seasons. However, the hunting regulations and restrictions can vary from one location to another.

So, it is crucial to consult the DEC’s current hunting regulations for the most up-to-date information. Hunters must have a valid hunting license and a trapping license to legally hunt coyotes in New York. They must also follow safe and ethical hunting practices, respect private property rights, and be aware of any local ordinances or restrictions.

Are coyotes going to leave New York City anytime soon?

Are coyotes going to leave New York City?
Coyotes have adapted to the urban environment and it seems unlikely that they will leave the city anytime soon.

It may be extremely difficult to predict the movements of wildlife populations like coyotes. However, it is highly unlikely that coyotes will completely leave New York City soon. Coyotes have adapted themselves very well to the urban environment of New York City. They can easily thrive in a diverse range of habitats and are known for their ability to navigate through urban landscapes.

In New York City, they primarily inhabit parks and green spaces within the city. The availability of food sources, such as rodents and small mammals can contribute to their long-term survival and persistence in urban areas. However, Efforts are being made to manage coyote populations in urban settings and minimize the conflicts between humans and coyotes. This involves public education, promoting responsible pet ownership, and implementing strategies to reduce attractants, such as securing garbage and limiting access to food sources.

While individual coyotes may occasionally move in and out of urban areas, it is expected that coyotes will continue to have a very active presence in New York City and other urban environments for the foreseeable future.

Frequently asked questions

Coyotes are not generally considered a significant problem in New York State. While conflicts between coyotes and humans or domestic animals can occur, they are relatively rare. It has been estimated that on average each year there are a total of 650 people who are hospitalized in New York State due to dogs biting. But there very few attacks are done by the coyotes.

Yes, coyotes are available in New York State but you cannot say very common in the state. Over the past several decades, they have expanded their range throughout the state and have established populations in both rural and suburban areas. In rural areas of New York, coyotes have a regular presence. They play a very active role in the ecosystem by helping to control populations of small mammals such as rabbits and rodents. In urban areas, coyotes may encounter more frequently with human beings.


By going through this article, you will get to know that coyotes have a very notable presence in New York State in both rural and urban areas. Being highly adaptable animals, they can easily thrive in diverse environments and establish their population throughout New York state. The expansion of coyotes into urban areas, such as New York City, can be attributed to the interconnectedness of habitats. While coyotes have become a natural part of New York’s wildlife ecosystem, residents need to report any concerns or incidents to local authorities for assistance. By understanding and respecting the presence of coyotes in New York, we can foster a harmonious relationship between humans and wildlife, ensuring the safety and well-being of both.

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