Coyote Vs PitBull: Who Would Win In A Fight?

There is a lot of friction that exists among canine family members. That’s why they share territory as well as occasionally fight with each other. In this regard, the coyote vs pitbull fight is also very important and relevant to be discussed. Indeed, the pitbull has an upper hand in terms of their overall strength, toughness, size, body power, more powerful bite force, etc. Pitbulls also come with more stamina as compared to coyotes.

Coyotes are also very fierce, wild hunters as well as scavengers but they are not considered good hunters. An individual coyote might not be able to handle the pit bull but the pack of coyotes could be extremely dangerous for the pit bull and might control the dog or kill it ultimately. In this article, we are going to discuss in detail all the physical traits and behavior of both of these animals and let you know who would be the ultimate winner. Let’s explore the pitbull vs coyote fight in detail.

Coyote vs Pitbull
Coyote vs Pitbull

Basics of the pit bull

Pitbull is one of the most well-known breeds of dog present in the North American continent. The name has been originated from their fighting with bulls in the pits. They are known for their extraordinary muscular strength and aggressiveness. Pit bulls are also very social, caring, and lovely by nature if they are properly trained and socialized in the early years of their life. Pit bulls are not actually aggressive by nature but they are actually very good companions and friends of human beings. They are extra protective of their owners and territory. If they feel any threat towards these things then they act very wildly and aggressively.

There are three different pit bull breeds given below:

  • Staffordshire bull terrier
  • American bulldog
  • American pit bull terrier

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Basics of the Coyote

A coyote on the road
Coyote have moved to urban areas also.

Coyotes are wild animals and could be found throughout the North American continent. You could never keep them as pets in your household. They are opportunistic predators and could attack both pets and human beings if they feel threatened. Nowadays, they are available in urban and semi-urban areas in very huge quantities and also cause several problems for human beings in these areas.

Comparing pit bull vs coyote

Let’s compare both of these animals on the basis of their various features.

Height21 inches24 inches
Weight50 to 60 lbs42 lbs
Length17 to 21 inches22 to 25 inches
Speed30 mph40 mph
Lifespan8 to 15 years6 to 8 years in the wild,
and 20 years in captivity.
Colorblack, red,
buckskin, brindle
Grayish on the top,
fully white underneath,
black-tipped tail,
and reddish legs.
Bite force235 PSI88 to 150 PSI

Let’s discuss the differences between coyotes and pit bulls in detail.

Size: coyote vs pitbull

In the size of an animal, everything is included like its height, weight, and length. When it comes to size, the pit bull is much larger than a coyote. It has a muscular body that is slender build and comes with a pointier nose for sniffing its prey from some distance. The weight of the pit bull lies between 50 to 60 pounds. Male pit bulls are a little bit heavier than female pit bulls. The height of the pit bull is almost 21 inches while the length of these animals lies between 17 to 21 inches.

On the other hand, coyote doesn’t come with very muscular body but it is also not very weak or lean. It has a height of almost 24 inches which is slightly more than the height of a pit bull but the average weight of the coyote is just around 42 pounds. The length of the coyote is around 22 to 25 inches. In size, both are almost the same but there is very much difference in terms of their weight.

Jaw strength: pit bull vs coyote

Jaw strength pit bull vs coyote
Pittbulls produce way more bite force than coyotes.

The teeth of both of these animals are almost the same in terms of their numbers. Both of them have four canine teeth, two at the upper and two at the lower side of the mouth which are mainly utilized for grabbing the prey from somewhere. These teeth are not sharp enough to crush the meat and for this purpose, they utilize their premolar teeth especially if they have grabbed some large animals.

They might have the same number of teeth but the strength of the teeth and the jaw varies for both of these animals. The pit bull has a much stronger jaw and they clench with very powerful force as compared to coyotes. Coyote doesn’t have thus much powerful jaw and that’s why they rely only on small mammals for diet.

Bite force: Coyote vs pitbull

As you know, a pit bull has a more powerful jaw as compared to a coyote. It means that pit bulls would also have a very strong bite force as compared to coyotes. The bite of the pit bull has been declared twice as powerful as the bite force of the coyote. The bite force of the pit bull is 235 PSI which is almost double the coyote bite force.  

Speed: pitbull vs coyote

Coyotes run faster than Pitbulls
Coyotes run faster than Pitbulls.

Pit bulls are heavier than coyotes. It is obvious that the coyote will speedy than the pit bull. Coyotes can easily run at the speed of almost 40 miles per hour as compared to just 30 miles per hour speed of pit bull. Coyotes also have slender which helps it in running with more speed. The speed and agility of the coyote will help dodge the attack and run away.


Both of these animals also differ in terms of their colors. Pitbull doesn’t come with a mixture of many colors. Usually, you can find them in buckskin, red, black, and brindle colors. On the other hand, the coyote doesn’t have one definite color. But their grayish color is more dominant on their body. The underneath color of the fur will also be fully white in color. Moreover, they have reddish legs and black-tipped tails at the end of their body.

Life span

The life span of these animals varies for both of these animals. It mainly depends on whether these animals are living in the wild or in captivity. Coyote is mainly wild animal but you can also keep them by fulfilling all the conditions. Coyotes in the wild can only survive up to 8 years but in captivity, they can easily live up to 20 years.

On the other hand, pit bulls are mainly kept in captivity. But they are also very strong and powerful animals and can easily survive in the wilderness. In captivity, they can easily live up to 15 years.


Pitbulls are friendly dogs as compared to coyotes
Pitbulls are friendly.

Pitbull might have more powerful bite force than coyotes but it is not aggressive enough as the coyotes are. Coyotes are wild animals and also tend to attack first if they come across pit bulls. Pitbull dogs also rarely attack human beings and usually act very friendly.


Coyotes are opportunistic predators and are also considered scavengers having very keen senses. They like to prey on small animals in the open field. They utilize the scent or smell of their prey for hunting them down. Some common animals in their diet are snowshoe hares, carrion, rodents, berries, squirrels, pets, and white-tailed deer.

On the other hand, pit bulls are very muscular and athletic dogs having their diet included carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals. They get all of their energy from different diets. They also need this energy to perform various kinds of activities. To fulfill their dietary needs, they must consume 30 to 40 % proteins, 20 to 30 % carbohydrates, 15 to 17 % animal fats, and 1 to 2 % calcium.

Coyote vs pitbull who would win?

Coyote vs Pitbull who would win
A pitbull can kill a coyote easily in a fair fight.

Pit bulls are considered among the dogs that kill coyotes. Pitbull fights coyote very aggressively and fiercely. They can kill coyotes easily if they don’t become the victim of any coyote trick. Pit bull comes with powerful bite force. It has a very sturdy and strong body which let it endure many more difficulties and bite-force attacks from other wild animals like coyotes.

Coyotes might fail the attack of the pit bull as they are agile and fast. They may also inflict some attacks on the pit bull. It is generally not recommended any household pit bull fight against wild coyotes. Coyotes may also attack in the form of the pack which is extremely difficult for the pit bull to handle and they become the victim of their attack. Overall, if the fight happens between these animals on a fair basis then pit bull could easily take over the coyote and could also kill it ultimately.

 How to prevent coyotes from fighting with pit bulls?

If you have kept the pit bull as a pet then it is also necessary to keep it safe from the attack of wild animals like coyotes. Pit bulls might be more powerful than coyotes but they are not as wild as the coyotes are. The coyote might inflict some fatal injury on them. Thus, it is better to keep avoiding this fight as much as possible. Here we are also going to enlist all the methods needed to prevent this fight from happening.

  • Don’t feed coyotes or any other wild animal near your property. These wild animals could come from food and attack your pit bull.
  • You must also not throw the pieces of meat in your trash as the scent of these pieces could also attract coyotes.
  • There must not be fallen branches of trees or shrubs near your house as it is good to be an ideal or good place for hiding.
  • Don’t leave your pit bull free outside your house, especially in areas that are considered dangerous in terms of the presence of wild animals.
  • Coyotes can jump smaller fences, so, make an at least 8 feet higher fence in the surroundings of your house. The fence must also be at least 12 inches underground.
  • Always take the pit bull out for walking in the morning time only as there are very less chances that the coyote will attack you this time. If you are out with a pit bull at night time then you must come out with a stick or flashlight with you to distract coyotes or other wild animals.
  • If you have an encounter with a coyote when you are with your pit bull then you must not try to run away as it could threaten the coyotes and there are chances that the coyote will come after you.
  • If you have an encounter with a coyote and you think the coyote is going to attack you on the way then you must give an intimidating look as it can scare away the coyote.
  • Always report the presence of the coyote in your area to the relevant authorities. You must also keep track of coyote sightings in your mind. It can help you in tracing the coyote whenever you need it.

Frequently asked questions

Pit bulls are stronger, larger, and more powerful than coyotes. Coyotes are good hunters and scavengers but these are not good fighters. If a fight happens between them then it is obvious that the pit bull will dominate due to their bigger size, athletic body, and extraordinary jaw strength. However, the pack of coyotes might be challenging for the pit bull.

There are some bigger size dogs present who can challenge the big dogs like pit bulls. In this regard, the Rottweiler is also among the dogs who can beat pit bulls in the fight.

Coyotes are not afraid of all the dogs. They can attack dogs or even human beings if they feel threatened. They can easily take on small dogs, cats, etc. but they avoid attacking some big dogs like pit bulls and Rottweiler.


In this article, we have compared coyotes vs pitbull in detail and compared every aspect of these animals like size, bite force, diet, aggressiveness, life span, color, speed, and most importantly jaw strength. In this context, we have found that the pit bull has an upper hand over the coyote and the pit bull are powerful enough that they can easily take down wild animals like coyotes unless coyotes are in packs.

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