Groundhog vs Badger: The Battle of the Burrowers

Groundhogs and badgers are small mammals that have few similarities but many differences. Both animals have grayish looks and mainly reside underground by digging their own dens. These are the main similarities between these animals. In this article, we are going to compare them in detail. In the end, you will be quite clear about which animal has an edge over other animal overall and who can win the fight if they encounter each other. Let’s have a brief introduction about these animals.

Groundhog vs Badger
Groundhog vs Badger


Groundhogs or Marmota monax belong to the rodent family. Groundhogs are also very well-known as woodchucks. They belong to the group of squirrels which is overall known as marmots. They like to reside in the low-lying or underground areas of North America. These animals are abundant in the eastern side of the United State of America, across all the Canada, and also somewhere in Alaska.

They like to graze a lot to meet the needs for their food. Groundhogs reside all over every nook and corner of the world. There is no specific area where they are specifically found. A holiday has been named in their honor.

Groundhogs are the biggest mammals in the squirrel family. They mainly like to reside in forest and savannas type areas. They had also adjusted themselves in rural areas when natural areas were turned into farmlands. Nowadays, they have also adapted themselves to the vacant lots, backyards, and open spaces of suburban areas.

two groundhogs eating
Groundhog Example


Badgers belong to the mustelid family which also has other animals like otters, ferrets, etc. They like to hunt down animals to fulfilling the needs for their food. These are the mascot for party schools. They are bigger than groundhogs and also weigh more than groundhogs. They have short but muscular and sturdy body structures. They like to do a lot of digging. Badgers like to reside in open fields, grasslands, clay soil, and sandy environments.

A badger in tree
Badger Example

groundhog Vs badger – Main Differences

There are many differences between these animals but key differences between these animals come in terms of their size, food, weight, and method of attack. Let’s discuss the differences between these animals one by one.

Size9 to 11-inch height 20 inches length8 to 10-inch height 10-15 inches in length
Speed19 mph10 mph
Weight12 kg4 kg
Lifespan10-12 years15 to 20 years

Size: Groundhog vs badger

Groundhogs are a few inches shorter than badgers. They are also wider than badgers. The height of the badger is 9 to 11 inches while they have much more length.

Weight: groundhogs vs badgers

When it comes to weight, badgers are 4 to 5 times heavier than groundhogs. The weight of the groundhog is almost 4 kg while the weight of the badger is almost 12 kg. 

Speed: badger vs groundhog

Badgers also have an upper hand when it comes to speed. The speed of the badger is almost 19 mph while the speed of the groundhog is 10 mph. Despite having big size and more weight, the badger is very agile and shows great speed in the field.

Lifespan: Badgers vs groundhogs

The lifespan of groundhogs is higher than badgers. On average, Groundhogs can easily live 15 to 20 years in the wilderness while badgers have just a lifespan of 10 to 12 years in the wilderness. Thus, we can say that groundhogs have an edge over badgers when it comes to lifespan.

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Groundhogs vs badgers: who would be the ultimate winner?

Groundhogs vs badgers: who would be the ultimate winner?
Groundhog vs Badger Fight

In simple words, I would say the badgers would be the ultimate winner because they have an upper hand in most of the properties as compared to Groundhogs. Badgers are more heavy and more agile at the same time as compared to Groundhogs. They can strike very powerfully and quickly.

On the other hand, groundhogs might try to manipulate the strike of badgers but they could not survive for a longer period. Being omnivore animals, badgers also dig a lot in search of their prey. Sometimes, they block the overall tunnel of the underground den for capturing their prey like squirrels, groundhogs, voles, mice, and moles.

Badgers are actually among the main predators of groundhogs. Thus, we can estimate from this comparison that badgers could easily overpower and ultimately kill groundhogs.

What is the difference between groundhogs and woodchucks?

There is no difference between groundhogs and woodchucks. There are a lot of people who are actually confused about them. According to wiki machine, woodchucks are the same animal as groundhogs. The name woodchuck has been actually derived from the word “wuchuk”. There is actually no direct relationship between woodchucks and the wood of the trees. It is just a name.

Frequently asked questions

Marmots have a lot of similarities with groundhogs. Marmots also belong to the group of ground squirrels same as groundhogs. There are almost 12 other species in the same group. These species also show some similarities with groundhogs but not as much as Marmots.

Normally, groundhogs don’t like to engage with human beings. However, if they feel any threat from human beings or when they feel their babies are in danger due to human beings, then they might act very aggressively and attack human beings. A few cases have been reported in the USA and Canada about the attack of groundhogs on human beings. However, there was not any severe case of injury.

It is extremely difficult to have a clear distinction between groundhogs and beavers. Both of these animals show a lot of resemblances. You can only differentiate between them from their tails. Groundhogs have very short but fluffy tails while beavers have wide and flattened tails. Overall, there is no big difference in their body structure.

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Groundhogs and badgers are small mammals that belong to altogether different families. There is no major similarity between these animals. However, if they encounter each other then you must keep in mind that the groundhogs are the main source of food for the badgers. We have tried our best to make a good comparison between these animals. I hope you will this article very useful.

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