Coyote Vs Rottweiler Differences: Can A Rottweiler Kill A Coyote?

Here we have another comparison between the canine family members. But there is one very common difference between them. Coyote is purely a wild animal but the Rottweiler is a home pet whose needs are met by the owner. This comparison has become very necessary because nowadays coyotes are living very close to urban areas and they have become the biggest threat to pets like Rottweilers. There is a very big difference in their sizes. For instance, the weight of the Rottweiler is almost double the weight of the coyote but you must also keep in your mind that the coyote has very strong hunting and survival instincts while the Rottweiler knows nothing about the survival in the wilderness.

Rottweilers may handle the single coyote or might be able to kill it but they could not deal with the pack of the coyote. Coyote has now started attacking pet animals in parks, yards, walking and jogging tracks, and hiking pathways. That’s why it is necessary to compare the Rottweiler vs coyote to judge their physical capabilities and keep in our mind who could be the ultimate winner. In this article, we are going to dig very deep about these animals.

Coyote vs Rottweiler
Coyote vs Rottweiler

What is the Rottweiler?

It is a pet dog that is considered very smart, adaptable, loyal, and lovable. These dogs have a direct relationship with the ancient Roman dogs. They have also been declared therapy dogs. You can utilize them for custom inspections, service dog positions, and some obedience-type competitions. Being very loyal animals, they are deployed for guarding purposes as they don’t back down from any kind of threat. In their fight with the coyote, they also have an edge of fierce loyalty and extraordinary courage. On the other hand, coyotes can also utilize their wild instincts to their advantage.

A photo of a Rottweiler standing tall
Rottweiler – Example

Comparing Coyote vs Rottweiler

Let’s compare these animals based on their actual physical features and properties which they could deploy while fighting.

SizeHeight: 34 inches Weight: 120 pounds Length: 42 inchesHeight: 26 inches Weight: 45 pounds Length: 50 inches
Speed25 mph35-40 mph
Fierce spiritModerate until provokedAggressive
Positive featuresLoyal, intelligent, suspect strangers very earlyIntelligent, good adaptability, efficient hunter.
Bite force32888

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Size: Rottweiler vs coyote

Rottweilers are medium to large size dogs having an average weight of around 100 pounds. Coyotes are not as heavy as the Rottweilers are. The weight of the coyote is three times less than the weight of the Rottweiler. Rottweiler has bulky body but they also have very powerful bite force. They also have very sharp canine teeth in their mouth. They are similar to pit bulls strength-wise.


coyote body and Rottweiler body comparison
Coyotes have lean bodies while Rottweilers have broad and muscular bodies.

Rottweiler has a very broad and muscular body and a deep chest. Due to the depth in the chest, the elbow seems above the sternum. When it comes to their feet, they are compact round as well as large in size. Limbs are easily visible from the simple easy and they also seem very strong.

On the other hand, the coyote has a light frame. It has oval feet but long legs. The gliding gait of the coyote seems like floating. The round eyes give them an almond-like shape along with a tilted narrow face.


Rottweiler dogs are not only big but also powerful. They are strongly built with an ident on the top of their head. The indent is actually the growth of the muscles on both sides of the body. It means that they also have a muscular head. They can exert a bite force of 328 pounds with the help of their muscular head and strong jaw. Coyote just has the bite force of 88 PSI which is much less than the mighty force of the Rottweiler. Physically, we can say that the Rottweiler can easily kill the coyote. Source.


Coyote has more speed than a rottweiler
A coyote has more speed than a rottweiler.

When it comes to speed, the coyote has a clear edge over Rottweiler. They can easily run up to 40 miles per hour while the Rottweiler could reach a maximum speed of 30 mph. Coyotes cannot maintain this speed for very long as it usually happens for short bursts. Rottweilers are also trotting dogs that are highly suitable to live alongside cattle.


In jumping, the coyote has a clear advantage because they are much lighter in weight. They can easily jump the 6-feet fence and or an 8 feet wall. They can also easily leap across 4 feet of water. On the other hand, Rotties can jump a maximum height of 3 feet. They rely on their power and strength rather than their jumping abilities.

Bite force

Rottweiler bite force vs coyote
Rottweilers have bite force or 328 PSI while Coyotes have 88 PSI.

When it comes to the Bite force, the Rottweiler would prevail over the coyote. The Rottweiler has a muscular body, a big mouth, a strong jaw, and powerful teeth. They can exert a lot of pressure on their opponents. On the other hand, the coyote is not powerful enough as compared to the rotties. They also have powerful jaws but not much powerful as the jaws of the Rottweilers.

Fierceness: Coyote vs Rottweiler

Rottweilers are strong as well as ferocious animals but they are also very aggressive by nature. They also come with natural instincts to protect other pets like them. That’s why they are specially bred or herded to protect farm animals. If a coyote tries to cross their territory then the Rottweiler will show very aggressive behavior and would immediately attack the coyote and it could also kill the coyote on the spot. It is extremely difficult for the single coyote to deal with big animals like Rottweilers. In this case, coyotes could also escape the scene as they are very fast in terms of their speed.

Intelligence: Rottweilers vs coyotes

Rottweilers are highly smart and intelligent dogs. They can easily outwit animals like coyotes in many fields. They assess the location, location, level of threat, and the possibility of their vulnerability before engaging in a fight with anyone. They also assess the situation before attacking the coyote. If the coyotes are in a pack, then they would not come near them for attacking purposes.

Hunting skills: Coyotes vs Rottweilers

Coyotes have better hunting skills than Rotties, they can even hunt at night.
Coyotes have better hunting skills, they can even hunt at night.

Coyotes are wild dogs and they have to prey on a variety of animals throughout their life for long-term survival. For this purpose, they have to go through very difficult situations. It also polishes the hunting skills of the coyotes. On the other hand, rottweilers don’t go through these situations as they mostly remain inside the protected houses and they are provided all the food-related things by the owners. In hunting skills, the coyote has a clear edge over Rottweilers.


Coyotes are highly adaptable animals and like to live in a variety of environments. They can easily live in deserts, mountains, forests, and open fields, and now they are also fearlessly living near human settlements. It means that they can easily adjust themselves to any kind of untoward situation in their life. On the other hand, Rottweilers are this much adaptable. They can only survive in the comfortable and cozy environment inside the houses.

Rottweiler vs Coyote: who would be the ultimate winner?

A Rottweiler will be the winner in fight with coyote
Rottweilers can easily take down coyotes.

If we look at the clear advantages of these animals, then we can say the Rottweiler would always be the favorite in the fight between these animals. Coyotes are wild animals and they also have good hunting skills but they could not deal with big dogs like Rottweilers single-handedly unless the coyote comes in the pack.

Coyotes may handle and prey on small mammals like rabbits, mice, and rodents but a 100-pound heavy Rottweiler is not the same like the other small mammals are. If a fight happens between these animals, then the coyote might escape from the fighting scene by utilizing its speed advantage against Rottweiler but they cannot hunt down big size animals like Rottweiler. That’s why coyotes don’t like to engage with large-size dogs like Rottweilers.

If the coyote attacked the pet houses, then Rottweilers would do their best in keeping the coyote away. Rottweiler dogs may also get injured in this fight. Rottweilers may be very playful creatures and they can also sense the danger from the distance. However, they would defend themselves and their territory till their last breath because they are specially trained for this purpose.

How to keep Rottweilers away from encountering coyotes?

How to keep Rottweilers away from encountering coyotes

If the coyote comes to your property and tries to attack the pets or damage the property then it might be extremely difficult for you to keep your dog away from attacking the coyote. In this case, the coyote will be naturally provoked and attack the dog immediately. In this encounter, the Rottweiler might be able to control or kill the coyote on the spot but the dog may also get injured in this fight.

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In the areas where you know that coyotes are present in very large numbers, then you must take some precautionary steps to keep yourself and your dog away from wild animals like coyotes. Some of these steps are given as:

  • Train the Rottweiler dogs in such a way that they always obey your commands. In this way, when the coyote comes into your yard, you can stop the Rottweiler from moving towards the coyote.
  • Don’t always keep the dog on an extendable leash.
  • You must have the noisemaker, sticks, etc.
  • Don’t go for the walk at dawn or dusk time when you know that the coyote could be out there.
  • You can also build an 8-feet high wall or fence in the surroundings of your house.
  • Remove all the sources of food from your yard which could be attractive for the coyote-like rodents, bird feeders, trash, etc.
  • Always have an eye on your dog and always try to keep it inside.
  • The most suitable option is the coyote deterrent. You can keep the coyote away from your house by deploying just a flashing light.

How would two Rottweilers do against a pack of coyotes?

Two Rottweilers do against a pack of coyotes
A pack of coyotes can take down rottweilers.

Even though Rottweilers are powerful dogs, they would likely face difficulty if outnumbered by a pack of coyotes. The coyotes’ agility, speed, and coordinated attacks could pose a significant threat. The Rottweilers would have to rely on their size, strength, and aggression to deter the coyotes and protect themselves.

It’s important to note that engaging in such encounters can be dangerous for both dogs and wildlife. Encounters between domestic dogs and wild animals should be avoided whenever possible to prevent harm to both sides. If you live in an area where coyotes are present, it’s best to take appropriate measures to protect your pets, such as keeping them leashed, supervising outdoor activities, and securing your property to prevent wildlife conflicts.


In conclusion, if we compare Rottweiler vs coyote then we can say that the Rottweilers are formidable and protective dogs, and facing a pack of coyotes presents a significant challenge. Coyotes, known for their agility and pack-hunting strategies, can pose a threat to even large and powerful dogs. It is important to prioritize the safety of our pets and avoid potential encounters with wildlife whenever possible.

By promoting coexistence and taking proactive steps to minimize conflicts between domestic dogs and wildlife, we can foster a harmonious relationship with nature. Ultimately, it is in our hands to create a safer environment for both our beloved Rottweilers and the wild animals that share our world.

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